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    David Walker

    Can Artificial Intelligence predict the future? Various organizations have already attempted to predict the outcome of FIFA World Cup matches. Can AI develop to such an extent that it may be possible to accurately predict future events and occurring?

    How vast would be the parameter set? What would be the probability of successfully predicting an outcome? Can AI predict and, if needed, change our future?

    Let me know your thoughts.

    Shoumik Das

    Probably not. “Chance”, “Mood” and “Emotions” are probably some of the parameters which AI may not be able to capture or analyse with 100% accuracy. AI may, at some point, be able to mimic human intelligence but even human intelligence cannot predict the future correctly. Chain reaction or ripple action (consequence of an event or action), coupled with Time, can lead to trillions of possibilities, deciphering which may not be an easy task even for AI.

    Arijit Pal

    AI is based on statistics .
    Now , statistics can provide the value of chance of an outcome(probability) based on trend.
    There is a parameter called confidence interval in statistics . That means the outcome is resided between that intervals based on the outcome of probability( 1 to 100%).
    So, AI never claims that it can predict future correctly but it can predict future based on some confidence interval.

    There is always present some amount of irregularity (caused by the points mentioned by Shoumik Das)in every set of data .
    That is the barrier of AI based prediction .

    Arijit Pal

    AI is better than human but definitely not GOD 😀

    Pratik Bakshi

    Predictions have been made from a long time, like weather predictions. This might not be accurate. For AI, it’s more like a trained system based on statistics; so except emotions, things can be predicted. But then there is an exception called “luck”. Because of luck factor, it is hard to make things 100% accurate.

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