A personal experience on why women post risque (sexy) photos on Instagram or Reddit

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Instagram and Reddit are two of the most popular social networking sites on the planet at the moment. While Instagram is a dedicated and feature-rich photo sharing platform, Reddit also has its own share of photos being posted under various sub-reddits (threads) and topics. We can see photographs from a variety of interest areas such as modelling, food, nature, travel, pets, automobiles, make up and beauty, and what not. However, the vast majority of photos and videos being posted on Instagram and Reddit are those of beautiful, sexy women in various stages of undress. Open Instagram and start a random search. Very soon, sexually provocative and erotic images of gorgeous women, whether professional or amateur start flooding the feed and image stream. Not that people are complaining, but it surprising to note that the vast majority of these women are amateurs who are posting such photos for pleasure and admiration only.


In this brief article, I shall try to explore why women do this and what they feel or enjoy; all from a perspective of personal experience. Several representative images have been used in this article to showcase the kind of images that I had posted on Instagram during my brief experience. They are not mine but they closely resemble or are identical to some of the photos that I had shared with 1.5 million world-wide followers over a period of two months. I am a young, pretty and happily married Indian woman with an attractive figure and a strong desire to explore my sexuality, and I am neither being narcissist nor am I promoting myself by appreciating my body and beauty. Rather, I am setting the ground for you to understand my thoughts and emotions as I share my most personal experiences. Some descriptions may seem inappropriate but they are necessary to understand the reality and flood of emotions that I experienced. As an attractive young woman in her prime, I have felt a natural urge to explore my sexuality and also felt good about being blessed with natural beauty. So, I wondered: “Why not try Instagram? A lot of women regularly post beautiful and sexy photos on the social network and they are not all celebrities. They are admired and appreciated by millions of followers from across the globe. It must be fun.”. My husband is a very open-minded and liberal person and he didn’t have issues with me posting sexy photos on Instagram. I discussed my urge and intent and we both agreed that I should not reveal my identity.

bikini lingerie

I have a personal account on Instagram where all my friends and family members follow me and I definitely did not want to use it for the sexy stuff. Not that I am shy or anything, it just felt a bit awkward knowing that my friends and family (senior and junior alike) shall see me in my most intimate moments with little or no clothing. After all, I come from a respectable Indian family where society is liberal but still gives importance to moral values and privacy. I am sure women from all countries would feel the same. I created a new Instagram id, gave it a catchy yet relevant name and set the visibility status to private. This would ensure that none of my friends and family members would be able to see my private photos and I would be able to allow others (strangers) to follow me. I also took the extra step to block all my relatives, friends and acquaintances on Instagram so that they would not even be able to view my new account accidentally.

string bikini

Having taken all necessary precautions, I started with my first post, a glamourous shot of myself in a maroon noodle-strap crop top with a plunging neck-line paired with blue denims. I took care to crop off the photo until just above my lips so that my identity would not be revealed even if somebody took a screenshot and shared the photo online. Within a couple of seconds, I got my first like, follow and comment. This guy was simply drooling on my ample cleavage and bright red lips and it was evident from his comment which was adorned with a variety of suggestive emojis. It felt nice and I didn’t mind his comment since that was the intention behind posting sexy photos: exploring my sexuality and getting attention. I must pause here to highlight that I am not a bored housewife. My husband is handsome, loves me a lot and we have a very active sex life. We are loyal to each other and we have no reason to seek attention from members of the opposite sex. I come from an affluent family and I have no necessity or intention to make money from my Instagram posts as well.


Within the next few hours, I had a couple of hundred follow requests and tens of direct message requests in my queue. I approved all of them and even responded to a few individuals who were sending me private messages. I felt very happy and excited and posted my next photo in a red string bikini providing a rear view of my slender back and large bottom. It was very aesthetic and sexy and I felt proud of the photo. The number of followers surged overnight and the next morning, I had about a thousand followers from across the world. People were admiring my body and beauty and appreciating my sexuality. It was a wonderful and thrilling experience. I felt the urge to post a new photo; a more daring and revealing one but still within the limits of modern social decency. It was a photo of me in a tiny green tear-drop bikini; the ones that are at most, only an inch thick at their widest and leave very little to the imagination. I am 5 feet and 4 inches tall, fair and curvy with 36-25-38 statistics. I have a fit body and a pair of firm, round 36 C breasts with perky nipples. My pretty face and gorgeous red lips add to the allure and can be quite a turn-on for all straight men. My follower count grew by leaps and bounds and it was getting difficult and time-consuming to approve each request manually. So I decided to open up my account to the public, which essentially meant that anyone could follow me (apart from those I had blocked) and I wouldn’t have to approve each follow request manually. The number of followers shot up drastically and people were flooding my photos with likes and comments, mostly lewd remarks by men of all age-groups from across the world. I was also getting a steady stream of private messages with requests for topless or nude photos. I ignored all them and just enjoyed the surge of hormones and sexual feelings within me.

bikini topless

It was a sensational and sexually stimulating experience with all those men ogling at me and staring at my almost bare body. I could feel them staring at my assets, my lips, my round bottom and every inch of my sexually charged body. I did not feel guilty at all because I knew it was strictly for fun. I was not having physical sex with anyone nor was I getting involved in any dirty sex chat. I was not trading topless or nude photos in private messages as well, at least for the time being. Things were great and I soon reached around fifteen thousand (15k) followers with a week of opening my new account. My husband had access to my account and he was comfortable with my excitement and the fun that I was having. In fact, all my photos are taken by my husband except the selfies which I shoot myself. I was enjoying every minute of the new adult experience and posted quite a few photos in racy lingerie and tiny bikinis. It was fun flaunting my beauty and sexuality in front of strangers without revealing my identity. Soon, people started sending me photos and videos of their aroused genitals and conveyed their desire to have sex with me. I simply ignored such messages and never responded to any of those but I was having fun and enjoying the attention, however lewd and dirty that might have been.

topless covered side view

Soon, I found an urge to take it one step further; bolder and more risque. I started posting topless photos, initially covering my big assets with my hands or pasties, and later exposing them to full public view. Of course, Instagram has censorship rules in place. So, I blurred out my nips, just barely enough to avoid getting censored or banned. The feeling was extraordinary and extremely sexual in nature. The thought that hundreds of thousands of men were watching my bare assets and natural sexual emotions on my face, drove me crazy and made me orgasmic. I reached a million followers within a month and was probably one of the most popular Instagram accounts at that time. I felt a compelling urge to post more risque and daring photos; I soon stripped down to my birthday suit. Yes, you read that right: graceful nude photos with my sexuality oozing out. My pink nips and love pot were subtly blurred to avoid censorship but you could easily figure them out. Men were enjoying every time I posted a new photo and shared “proof” of how “hard” I was getting them. To them, I was a diva, an object of desire and raw sexuality. They even started giving me names such as miss curvylicious, miss bootylicious and queen of boobs; you get the drift, right? I was proud of my beauty and so was my husband. Men appreciate the fact that they have a hot wife which others can only dream of.

topless covered front view

Things started getting wild and I must admit, I was enjoying every minute of it. I was posting more nudes more often including a few on Reddit where there are no restrictions and no censorship rules. I was living my fantasy and enjoying my darkest desires with total strangers. Guys were asking me to send nudes on Instagram through direct messages and were describing how they lusted over my beauty and my hot body. They shared video clips of how they were “jerking off” to my photos. I was blushing with so much appreciation being showered upon me by tons of followers. I initially did not want to send topless or nude photos but my inner lust and cravings for sexual appreciation by the opposite sex changed my mind. I did start sending topless photos and nudes to a few followers, selected purely on the basis of sexual appeal. It was such a thrilling, exciting and orgasmic experience. The thought that unknown men were lusting over me and scanning every inch of my naked body; my face, my lips, my huge assets, my twin peaks, my love pot, my round bottom and my long legs, sent shivers down my spine and made my nips hard; I could feel myself getting wet. I felt getting engulfed in the fire of dark desire and could sense a subtle feeling of guilt building up within me, but I could not stop myself.

topless uncovered side view

My followers loved me and pampered me and asked me to get registered on OnlyFans, Patreon and MyM.Fans. They wanted to see me totally naked or topless without any censorship at all in lieu of money. That was when I paused to think about where this whole idea was going. There are three types of women on Instagram: First; celebrities who have a massive fan following and earn money from Instagram and big brands by making sponsored posts with an intent to influence people to buy particular branded products. Second; strippers and virtual sex workers who sell nude photos and videos on OnlyFans, Patreon and other similar sites for money. To them, Instagram is a massive platform to attract customers. And, third; amateur women like me who do it for fun and pleasure only. From my brief experience on Instagram, such women may be college girls, house wives, teachers, air hostesses, lawyers, doctors, engineers, real estate agents, media professionals and every other profession that you can probably think of. They are here for personal pleasure and admiration of fans only. I was surprised to see that some of my followers were assuming me to be of the second category although I had no intention of selling my nudes for money. In fact, I had sent some of my topless and nude photos to a few random followers, for free. Not that I am trying to demean those women who make a living out of it, but this was never my original intent. I just felt like sharing my beauty and exploring my sexuality in a controlled environment.

topless uncovered front view

I may have been clear about my intent but it was not being perceived by others the way I intended it to be. I realized that sex, lust and erotic behaviour are inherent traits of every human being, male or female alike. It is an animal instinct so deeply hard-wired into our system that it often gets impossible to control. I don’t blame my followers for asking me to sell my nudes. Maybe, they just didn’t understand the concept of me exploring my sexuality in a positive way. It is also true that constant interest in sexual activities or sexual photography renders the mind restless and excited. It is not bad but it may turn out to be quite engrossing, as was in my case. As I have mentioned earlier, I felt a compelling urge to go from bikini and lingerie photos to posting topless photos and finally nude ones, although I had originally planned to restrict myself to bikinis and lingerie only. Besides, the never-ending barrage of dick pics and unsolicited videos of men stroking their genitals did get a bit boring and disturbing after a certain period of time. It was not a question of morality or religion but rather a simple question which made me wonder: “What am I getting by doing this?”

hot girl dress

Was it merely the fun and sexual thrill of being ogled at by millions of strangers or was it something more? I realized that beauty and sexual cravings are just a temporary phase of human life. Like all other things, this too, shall come to pass for one and all. It didn’t mean that what I did was wrong. I just did not want to do it anymore. Besides, there is always the risk of revenge-porn or a collection of old saucy photos surfacing before family members at a much later stage of life when one usually loses interest in such things. I decided to stop and closed my Instagram account at 1.5 million followers, that too within 2 months of opening it. I felt relaxed, having satisfied my desire to explore my inner urges. After two weeks, I decided to give it another shot, but this time with more conservative photos; mostly photos with ample cleavage and a generous show of my slender legs. But, no topless or nude photo. It turned out that I was still getting a lot of followers (several hundred per day) but not at the rate when I was posting photos in bikinis & lingerie and topless or nude ones. It was evident that people like raw sexuality more than tastefully shot sexy photos. This realization turned me off quite a bit. People on Instagram do not appreciate beauty and glamour; rather, they only crave for sex: big breasts, round bottom and a sexy face. I have all of these and hence, I was an instant hit. I closed my second and latest Instagram account yesterday within 4 days of opening it. I had about two thousand (2k) followers at that time.

bikini gorgeous woman

I still love taking sexy and bold photos in bikinis and lingerie, and also without them, for sheer pleasure. I shall continue to wear tiny bikinis on a beach and may be even go topless or nude for fun, but I shall never post them online. I will keep the photos for personal pleasure with my significant other in privacy. There is no right or wrong about posting risque photos online. If you enjoy it, go ahead and do it, but you should also be aware about its consequences. This article was only meant to share my experience and my perspective of exploring the wild side of feminine sexuality on a public social media platform. My experience ended on a happy note. I never felt harassed or stalked but others may not be so lucky. Choose wisely and never look back. Cheers!

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  1. Fantastic piece. It was so nice reading such a candid and no-holds barred experience. I could feel your emotions and the rationale behind your decision.

  2. WoW! Such a powerful narrative of an amazing experience. Too bad you deleted your Instagram handles. Kudos to you for touching upon such a personal and intimate experience.

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