Java & Python – Present and Future of IT Programming

Viewer Rating [Total: 4   Average: 4.8/5]You must sign in to voteIntroduction According to IT programming trends, Java is currently more popular than any other programming language in terms of number of jobs, number of existing Java developers, and overall usage statics in IT. According to the latest usage statistics posted on a popular technology survey site, Java … Read more

Why is Java so popular nowadays?

Viewer Rating [Total: 5   Average: 4.4/5]You must sign in to voteWe now cannot imagine existing without internet; it is as if our life will come to a complete halt if we are not connected to the World Wide Web even for a single day. For the users, internet may seem to be a matter of clicks but … Read more

Basics of Programming Grammar (Syntax and Semantics)

Viewer Rating [Total: 6   Average: 4.7/5]You must sign in to votePeople might be confused as to what do we mean by programming grammar. Might seem to be a new term but it has been learnt unintentionally by all the programmers. When we talk about any Computer Language Programming, we need to know the grammar of it. This … Read more