Viewer RatingNow my ladder is gone,So I must lie down where all the ladders start,In the foul rags,In the bone shop that is my heart.It will surely get better, I reassure my self,As I sit by the tracks, picking up the shards,Of the broken mirror, that was once my heart. The sun shines,but the flowers … Read more

Distant Dreams

Viewer RatingFalling leaves but frozen lakesYou are a distant memory burning in my cozy fireplace tonightAs Ed and Emma played around me and Jack. I go back to our UPenn days, Tasting yogurt samples for lunch, poetry in the woods and Pink Floyd That 4th Rosewood tree where we made promises for Forevers. I want … Read more


Viewer RatingGrey skies surrounding me, Fleeting dreams of you. Walking down New York City, Holding your hand while it drizzled a bit, Cold it was with that messy hair of yours, Your tired skin with your everly eyes, Intoxicated we, running down Manhattan with wind freezing our hearts. People lost in translation, words failed to … Read more

I am Time

Viewer RatingI have witnessed the birth of the sun; I have seen the beginning of life; I have felt sorrow and rejoiced in fun; I have seen love and seen strife. I have seen things big and small; I have seen them rise….I have seen them fall; I have seen things shallow, and things sublime; … Read more


Viewer RatingBegin…. Begin now, begin within; Begin today with a loud din; Begin a craft, begin a draft; Begin something just don’t be daft; Begin to hate, begin to love; Begin to fly like a free dove; Begin to write, begin to play; Begin to fight and shun dismay; Begin your life, look within; Leave … Read more

I Wish

Viewer RatingI wish I had done things at 15, All that I wish I was nostalgic about. Those sunday afternoons, I wish I could have gone out in the sweltering heat, I wish I would have braved the heavy downpour, I wish I could have splashed in the puddles, I wish I could have gotten … Read more


Viewer RatingI sit in my balcony, A coffee in one hand and a lit cigarette in another, the rains pouring down. I sit alone pondering about the futility of it all. People run about trying to avoid getting drenched, you will all get wet anyway. Life does that to you. Poignant moments, fleeting thoughts. Am … Read more