Lord Jagannath and The Puri Temple

Viewer Rating [Total: 6   Average: 5/5]You must sign in to voteJagannath (Jagannatha) literally means “Lord of the Universe” (derived from “Jagat” meaning Universe and “Nath” meaning Lord) and is a deity worshipped in regional traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism in India and Bangladesh. Jagannath is considered a form of Vishnu. He is a part of a triad … Read more

Believing is not Enough

Viewer Rating [Total: 4   Average: 5/5]You must sign in to voteAs an adult I’d rather make my own food than order pizza. Cheese’s, but as a kid I enjoyed splashing water, eating ridiculous amounts of burgers and sitting for morning and evening prayers though I never knew it’s importance. I never knew why my Parents always said … Read more

Music: A Religion

Viewer Rating [Total: 5   Average: 5/5]You must sign in to voteLet’s dive into a small story. In a land called Deoghar, a small kid sat in a room and listened quietly to a man who was dancing and singing. It was not a dance for entertainment, it was a dance of satisfaction. It was a dance that … Read more