Europe Diaries – Day 10 – Rome

Viewer RatingFinally, I am in the city of warriors and gladiators. Rome. This is a great historical place which reflects the empire of Julius Caesar. The history of Rome is usually divided into three main phases: before the rise of Rome, the Roman Republic, and the Roman Empire. Places of interest include the Sistine Chapel, … Read more

Europe Diaries – Day 9 – Venice

Viewer RatingHi Friends, I am in Venice, Italy. From Switzerland to Venice, it was a wonderful journey by train. You can see the change in architecture while travelling from one country to another. Please do not miss the traditional gondola ride accompanied with shopping near the oldest bridge named Rialto. However, please be careful about … Read more

Solo Trip

Viewer RatingThis snippet is basically my views on why solo trips are necessary and why I chose to do it so early on in my life. So the first question is what is a solo trip. Put simply it’s travelling solo be it near or far. It may be a simple weekend getaway where you … Read more