Turtle tank setup and maintenance guide

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Hello friends! I hope you are all doing well. For a long time I have been thinking of writing something different on pet hobbies. For the last 1 year, I have been busy in turtle keeping and it has been a very engrossing and fascinating experience.

Rules: The pictures shown above are that of the Red Ear Slider turtle which is native to South America. You cannot keep any turtle which is native to India as per the Indian Wild life Act 1972. There are many species like Roof turtle, Black Pond turtle, Star tortoise, Indian Flapshell etc (32 sp).

Setup: Turtles need vitamin D3 and vitamin A for staying healthy in nature. We must remember that they are reptiles and they need a different setup as compared to pet fish.

  1. Turtles need a basking area with a ramp to lift them up in order to dry their shell to avoid fungal infections.
  2. If you keep them in an indoor setup, you shall need ultra violet B lights which you can get online. I would recommend the below light for RES turtle. Keep the light 5-6 inches above the basking spot. They also need a heat bulb which is normally available in any electronics shop.

3. Your turtles needs a calcium-rich diet to build their shells and they also need Vitamin D3 to absorb it. I have already told earlier how to give them Vitamin D3 through UVB. Please find the below medicine which is very effective for their health with regard to calcium requirements.

4. Turtles also need a variety of vegetables in their diet.

Turtle tanks should be kept very clean as the water can get highly toxic due to amonnia spike from their poop. I would recommend a good filtration system like sump, canister filter, etc. with weekly 10-20% water change.

I Hope you enjoyed the post. Be safe and happy turtle keeping.

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