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Indian Air Force

Indian Air Force strikes terrorist camps in Balakot area of Pakistan

Mirage 2000 H The Balakot air-strike in Pakistan occurred on 26th February 2019, when twelve Mirage 2000H jets of the ...
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Basics of Statistics – Hypothesis

Today, I want to discuss on a very important topic on inferential statistics area and that is "Hypothesis". Hypothesis means ...
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Basics of Statistics – Continuous Probability Distribution

Let us start today's topic on uniform probability distribution (I will discuss on continuous dist today).Now, the concept comes in ...
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Basics of Statistics – Binomial Distribution

Today, I would like to extend my previous topic on discrete probability distribution with the concept of Binomial Distribution. A binomial ...
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Basics of Statistics – Discrete Variable Distribution

In today's topic I want to explain how we plot the distribution of a random discrete variable. Key terms: expected ...
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The Nature of Matter

What is matter? According to popular definition, anything that occupies space and has mass is known as matter. It is ...
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