Snapping Turtle Aquarium Setup

Viewer Rating [Total: 2   Average: 4.5/5]You must sign in to voteGood evening friends, I hope you are fit and fine in this Covid situation. Today, I thought of writing something very interesting on pets which shall entertain you and everyone else in this hobby. I am sharing my personal experience on how to keep a Snapping Turtle … Read more

The Complete Goldfish Tank Setup and Care Guide

Goldfish Aquarium

Viewer Rating [Total: 2   Average: 4.5/5]You must sign in to voteOrnamental fish-keeping, as a hobby, has been around for several thousand years. Hobbyists may choose from a variety of freshwater and marine species to keep as pets in an aquarium or fish tank. It not only serves to beautify its surroundings but also acts as a great … Read more

Arowana – The Lucky Fish

Viewer Rating [Total: 3   Average: 4.7/5]You must sign in to voteToday, I want to talk about a very interesting fish named Arowana, which is very popular all over the world as pet fish because of its beauty, variety and easy maintenance. In South East Asia, this fish is considered as lucky fengshui fish. Types: There are 4 … Read more

Tips and Tricks of Piranha Keeping

Viewer Rating [Total: 5   Average: 4.6/5]You must sign in to voteDear Friends, I have shared a feeding video of my new juvenile red-belly piranhas. They are hungry and ferocious. One important thing to note is that Piranhas always attack in groups or shoals. Please also watch the featured video on how we can keep Piranhas in an … Read more

Piranha Tank

Viewer Rating [Total: 4   Average: 4.5/5]You must sign in to voteHi Friends, Today, I want to share an unique experience of fish keeping. The most dangerous fish in my experience – The Red Belly Piranha. Do you remember the Hollywood movie named Piranha 3D? Don’t worry, they are not that crazily scary. They are timid in nature … Read more

How to setup an Aquarium – Part 3 – Cycling of Water Tank

Viewer Rating [Total: 2   Average: 4.5/5]You must sign in to voteHi Friends, Ammonia is a harmful element for fish. So, how we can use it for benefit? We need to understand the chemistry behind that. There is a kind of bacteria named nitrosifying bacteria which breaks ammonia into nitrite. This nitrite is consumed by nitrifying bacteria, which … Read more

Why I turned to writing

Viewer Rating [Total: 2   Average: 5/5]You must sign in to voteNo, its no sob story. I did not turn to writing because I was depressed or I had lost someone close to me. I started writing from the tender age of seven when I was too young to even spell depression, let alone know what it is … Read more

How to setup an Aquarium – Part 2 – Maintenance

Viewer Rating [Total: 2   Average: 5/5]You must sign in to voteHow Often do You Clean a Filter? All things being in moderation, filtration maintenance can be conducted on a regular schedule. Moderation is defined as not overstocking or overfeeding. Establish a Schedule It is easy to forget when a filter was last serviced, especially if you have … Read more

How to setup an Aquarium – Part 1

Viewer Rating [Total: 2   Average: 5/5]You must sign in to voteWhen setting up an aquarium for the first time, it’s important to choose species that are relatively easy to keep so as to avoid any disappointment. There are many popular aquarium fish that would suit a beginner, namely the ones shown in the list below: Fancy Goldfish, … Read more