The Complete Goldfish Tank Setup and Care Guide

Goldfish Aquarium

Ornamental fish-keeping, as a hobby, has been around for several thousand years. Hobbyists may choose from a variety of freshwater and marine species to keep as pets in an aquarium or fish tank. It not only serves to beautify its surroundings but also acts as a great stress-reliever. An indoor water body such as an … Read moreThe Complete Goldfish Tank Setup and Care Guide

Auraments Fashion

Auraments Fashion Jewellery and Accessories

Auraments is a fashion and jewellery brand offering new-age designs for the urban Woman. The online store specializes in custom hand-made ornaments and fashion accessories which are not only beautiful but affordable as well. Every piece of jewellery is hand-crafted especially for you. The Auraments online shopping website is open 24×7 and caters to customers … Read moreAuraments Fashion

Top 10 ways to reduce body fat and weight naturally

Obesity is a medical condition that occurs when people carry excess weight or body fat to the extent that it might affect their health. It usually increases the risk of cardio-vascular diseases and associated health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Although there are numerous medicinal and surgical procedures to remove excess body … Read moreTop 10 ways to reduce body fat and weight naturally

International Lux Magazine

We have the pleasure to be the co-media partner of the featured platform of news and intertesting articles of diverse themes such as art, lifestyle and more: We congratulate for their interesting publications and we will share some monthly publications on our web site : We wish success. Greetings Carlos Eduardo … Read moreInternational Lux Magazine

Tips and Tricks of Piranha Keeping

Dear Friends, I have shared a feeding video of my new juvenile red-belly piranhas. They are hungry and ferocious. One important thing to note is that Piranhas always attack in groups or shoals. Please also watch the featured video on how we can keep Piranhas in an aquarium (tank) along with some interesting tips and … Read moreTips and Tricks of Piranha Keeping

Europe Diaries – Days 11 and 12 – Barcelona

Friends, I am in Barcelona today. It is a small but wonderful city to stay, in Spain. It is a land of football and anyone who loves football, would love to visit the Barca stadium at least once during their stay in Barcelona. Today, my dream came true. You also can visit a unique church … Read moreEurope Diaries – Days 11 and 12 – Barcelona