Machine Learning is Fun – Part 3 – Unsupervised Learning

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Hi Friends! Well.. did you like my last post on supervised machine learning algorithm?

Please suggest your thoughts in the comments section. By the way, let’s come to the point of today’s topic.

So guys.. let me try to explain the meaning with an example:

Suppose, you are a businessman and you do not know about your customers and their choice.

Now you have started to sell your items and after a few months, you realised that there are 2 kinds of customers around your business location. Now you feel relieved and prepare your inventory for the next season. But you notice after 3 months that there are another set of customers who have shown interest in some different kind of products what you launched.

So what do you understand till now?

No one guides or supervises the business man about the customer behavior or choices at the day 1 and he discovered the pattern over time to time.

Let’s come to another example ..

Do you remember my nephew ??

Well.. now he can identify cat , dog , tiger as well.

One day, he saw my neighbour with his Doberman and suddenly screamed “see.. it’s a dog !!”..

After some weeks, he saw another man in park with another dog (a German Shepard)..He again screamed “Dog ! Dog!”..

Now guys, you are thinking what’s the big deal !..Already he knew about dog identification ..And he saw dogs and properly identified ..Right !..So what is the catch?!

I showed him a spaniel dog’s picture long time before during the identification class. But did you noticed that he has identified a Doberman and German Shepard as dog even though he never saw any species before or even donot know the exact breed name!

He only knew it as Dog. He identified or classified it as Dog. But he couldnot identify the dog speieces name. In the language of machine learning, his brain can capture the appearance and body structure of a dog and grouped them as dog but cannot subgroup or cannot lebeled until and unless someone specifies the species exact name.

Hope it is clear to you guys.. good bye and stay tuned ..! ?

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