Photography is Love

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Hi Friends !! Well .. I am here to share my experience and to let you all know something about photography ..

Now before I start sharing my own experience and knowledge, I would like to know from you all what photography is all about?

Well if you ask me then I would say – As the days are passing by, the more I realize that everything about photography comes down to one word i.e vision. Well you can call it by any name vision, imagination or seeing, it all comes down to the same thing.

Most of the current generation are into photography. Whenever I go out on the streets and visit any photogenic place, around 80% of the youth are surrounded with their DSLRs. It’s really good to see that photography is beyond any age limit. People are busy capturing moments which are close to their hearts – some people capturing beautiful architecture while few are framing their loved ones. It’s such a pleasure to see how cameras holding a beautiful frame through its lens and making such a strong bond between loved ones and for people like me those who just want to satisfy their soul by capturing the moments and live into it. ?

So friend’s can I ask you something? If you are interested in photography and I am sure you all are, then what is photography to you??

Well, to me, it is something through which I like to express my thoughts and share some stories. To me it is something through which I can make a fake smile turn into a real one and make this world a better place with the help of my lens .

If you love photography, then clicking pictures will not just be a hobby or profession, it is something that makes your soul calm and peaceful.

I started my journey in photography 5 years back, and it’s been a wonderful one since. In this period of time, I had the opportunity to frame many people, few are there and few have left but the wonderful thing is whenever I miss those people they are always with me on those captured moments and you know when you see those frames, it’s always like “Old is Gold”. Don’t you all agree? ?

Well, to be very specific about my interest in photography, I am more interested in portrait and street photography. I love to capture beautiful souls and street life. Somehow, I feel that I get a chance to interact with these people and get to know them better; their lifestyle, passion, culture and the best thing is you actually get to learn many things from them – how they are satisfying themselves with such small needs. I mean when I click their pictures, they just come by and look into into my camera with their smiling faces and thank me for clicking their pictures without any further demand. You know; their smiling faces and pure souls just make my day !!

So, friends, now it’s your turn to share your views about what photography is to you and I would love to know what type of photography you are interested in; so that we can discuss more, on much more interesting things and share some knowledge and experiences !!

Till then, capture beautiful moments of your loved ones and spread smiles through your lens. Hope to get your feedback soon !!



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