Unreal Reality

Viewer Rating According to popular definition, reality is the state or quality of having existence or substance. It also refers to events that have actually happened and those which are being perceived as happening at the moment. Therefore, reality is a state which can be perceived by the five fundamental senses, namely, sight, sound, smell, … Read more

The Nature of Matter

Viewer Rating What is matter? According to popular definition, anything that occupies space and has mass is known as matter. It is distinct from energy (physics), mind and spirit. For example, a stone is made of matter; so is wood, metal, plastic, rubber, water, air, etc. Even the human body, all forms of animal and … Read more


Viewer Rating Everyone of us plans. Don’t we ? We either plan to achieve something or we plan to be someone. But rather often, than not, our plans go haywire. But still we plan……we plan because we have to…..we plan because someone wants us to plan…..we plan because the supreme being has plans for each … Read more


Viewer Rating We always have a choice. Whatever, whenever, wherever – we always have a choice. It is our choice which makes us who we have been; it is our choice which makes us who we are; it is our choice which makes us who we want to be. Our choice is our greatest strength … Read more

The Journey

Viewer Rating Great things are born out of suffering and pain; Fear not, for perseverance shall lead to gain. The journey may be rough, the roads dire; What you become, shall people admire. Believe in yourself, believe in The One; Rise from the ashes, the war is won.

Inner Peace

Viewer Rating Inner peace, we say with ease; But do we know what it is? Good and evil coexist; The devil within we resist. The more we fight, to know what’s right; The more we lose before its might. If inner peace is what we need; Its time to pause and take heed. Balance is … Read more