Believing is not Enough

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As an adult I’d rather make my own food than order pizza. Cheese’s, but as a kid I enjoyed splashing water, eating ridiculous amounts of burgers and sitting for morning and evening prayers though I never knew it’s importance. I never knew why my Parents always said that I need to completely surrender to the Almighty. Rubbish! I thought.. Am I a criminal that I’ll have to surrender? Is God a cop? Are we all thieves? I do believe He is there. Now what’s this new thing called “Completely Surrender”?

Poor kid!!!!

I started learning geography. The planets revolve around the Sun. Then my father said that all the souls revolve around a Supreme Soul. Then I studied chemistry and I got to know that the electrons revolve around the nucleus to remain stable. So, I had an anonymous scientist’s effect that caused thoughts revolving around my head. I concluded that every stable thing in this world has a concentric center onto which they completely surrender themselves. Just like one has to completely surrender to the Physics master to gain complete knowledge about physics and be stable in it, similarly he has to completely surrender to the Life’s Master to gain complete knowledge about life and be stable in it. Even the concepts of meditation and yoga comes from this. Shakespeare said “All the world’s a Stage and all men and women are merely players”. So true! So believing in God is not enough.We have to completely surrender to Him to remain stable, remain pure.

“Surrender to the Supreme is the path that brings heaven down
to the soul.” — Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra

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