Piranha Tank

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Hi Friends,

Today, I want to share an unique experience of fish keeping.

The most dangerous fish in my experience – The Red Belly Piranha. Do you remember the Hollywood movie named Piranha 3D? Don’t worry, they are not that crazily scary. They are timid in nature and they always prefer to stay safe in groups of at least 10. In the wild, they love to stay in groups of 100.

They can be kept in a home aquarium which must be kept in a less disturbed area and should have low light. The aquarium should also have a good filtration system because they are frenzy eaters. These Piranhas must be fed twice a day otherwise they will kill each other. Violent, eh?

One important point: you must be careful during tank-cleaning if you need to put your hand inside the tank. Here is a short video of my own piranha tank. Hope you like my setup.

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