Distant Dreams

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Falling leaves but frozen lakes
You are a distant memory burning in my cozy fireplace tonight
As Ed and Emma played around me and Jack.

I go back to our UPenn days,
Tasting yogurt samples for lunch, poetry in the woods and Pink Floyd
That 4th Rosewood tree where we made promises for Forevers.
I want to remember only the good ones you know, still.

How are you, M?
How is Venice?

I keep checking your beautiful pictures that you keep taking
I have mine still tucked away somewhere safe.
Remember that 4th of July near Manhattan Bridge?
As the fireworks lit up the sky, you held the fire in my heart in your small, pasty hands
I was asleep and you probably watched as we time traveled.

Those days in our matchbox apartment in Brooklyn
Being a rebel with our graffiti and our indie art and music
It all seems so distant, doesn’t it?
I still would love to skateboard down the streets but my age gives

Remember when we had our first fancy dinner at La Bernardin after you landed your dream job?
When the towers came down and I couldn’t reach you
All I could think was our forever promise by that 4th Rosewood tree

Thank you M.
Thank you for everything.
Hope you still love the morning star like you used to.
I miss you still. 🙂

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