Viewer RatingYou must sign in to voteNow my ladder is gone,So I must lie down where all the ladders start,In the foul rags,In the bone shop that is my heart.It will surely get better, I reassure my self,As I sit by the tracks, picking up the shards,Of the broken mirror, that was once my heart. … Read more

Distant Dreams

Viewer RatingYou must sign in to voteFalling leaves but frozen lakesYou are a distant memory burning in my cozy fireplace tonightAs Ed and Emma played around me and Jack. I go back to our UPenn days, Tasting yogurt samples for lunch, poetry in the woods and Pink Floyd That 4th Rosewood tree where we made … Read more


Viewer RatingYou must sign in to voteGrey skies surrounding me, Fleeting dreams of you. Walking down New York City, Holding your hand while it drizzled a bit, Cold it was with that messy hair of yours, Your tired skin with your everly eyes, Intoxicated we, running down Manhattan with wind freezing our hearts. People lost … Read more

Pseudo Feminism

Viewer RatingYou must sign in to voteHi Friends, Going further and elaborating on my previous article on feminism, I am now going to discuss about how the notion of feminism has been corrupted now a days and how money is being minted in the name of feminism by certain shrewd individuals who play upon certain … Read more

Feminism: My thoughts

Viewer RatingYou must sign in to voteAm I a feminist? This is something I am perpetually questioning myself about. I will give some context to my train of thoughts and then you will know what I am getting at. I am not of the opinion that I need special rights. Growing up, I have always … Read more

I Wish

Viewer RatingYou must sign in to voteI wish I had done things at 15, All that I wish I was nostalgic about. Those sunday afternoons, I wish I could have gone out in the sweltering heat, I wish I would have braved the heavy downpour, I wish I could have splashed in the puddles, I … Read more

Why I turned to writing

Viewer RatingYou must sign in to voteNo, its no sob story. I did not turn to writing because I was depressed or I had lost someone close to me. I started writing from the tender age of seven when I was too young to even spell depression, let alone know what it is or experience … Read more

Solo Trip

Viewer RatingYou must sign in to voteThis snippet is basically my views on why solo trips are necessary and why I chose to do it so early on in my life. So the first question is what is a solo trip. Put simply it’s travelling solo be it near or far. It may be a … Read more


Viewer RatingYou must sign in to voteI sit in my balcony, A coffee in one hand and a lit cigarette in another, the rains pouring down. I sit alone pondering about the futility of it all. People run about trying to avoid getting drenched, you will all get wet anyway. Life does that to you. … Read more