Europe Diaries – Day 9 – Venice

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Hi Friends,

I am in Venice, Italy. From Switzerland to Venice, it was a wonderful journey by train. You can see the change in architecture while travelling from one country to another.

Please do not miss the traditional gondola ride accompanied with shopping near the oldest bridge named Rialto. However, please be careful about your bags in the market.

It was a wonderful experience on the gondola and I recommend it to all tourists. Italian food is a different experience and you can experience some good pork and veg pizza at lunch during the guided excursion.

You can catch a train from Venice station, to Rome, which is just a few metres distance from Rialto bridge.

Contrary to popular belief, most people of Venice prefer rice over pasta and pizza. However, one should definitely try the traditional Italian pizza. On hindsight, I would recommend tourists to try pizza from any Swiss railway station such as Zermatt or Lucerne. They are as good as their Italian counterparts.

Stay tuned for the next part of my Europe tour.

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