Machine Learning is Fun – Part 2 – Supervised Learning

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What is supervised algorithm? Do not worry.. I shall not start to give lectures on complex mathematical algebraic equations or formulas.. you have YouTubes and lots of articles and papers for this.

I want to explain the logic here in a non technical way as per I can. So, what do you mean by supervising ? It means someone guides or help out to identify something or come to a solution and help out to make decision .

Now, suppose I am a broker and if you as customer asked me to choose some good flats and I said ” hey , this is a 2bhk flat and if you have very near school or college , very near shopping market and less crime rate then it’s price is 30lac . But if you go to the place xxx where you can get same things but have some news of criminal cases around there . The price is a bit less like 25lac. I showed you another place where transport is good , schools are a bit far but crime rate is low.. Wait.. you donot want the facility of nearest school or college because you and your wife are senior citizen and alone . So I would say that please take the 3rd preference because you should take the place where crime rate is low..”

Now tell me what is the common thing in the previous example. That is the flat price ( dependent variable ) , the features of flat and area(independent variable) and I ?( the model). Now if I am a very novice in this broker field , you shall not be satisfy because I donot have much experience to guide and satisfy your conditions or requirements . That means the model must be matured enough to supervise the what makes model mature ? What makes mature you ? “Experience !” Means information .. data… So when you train your model with more accurate correct meaningful data ( I assume noone will give me wrong information or misguide me in the broker zone haha).. your model or you will be mature to supervise your user with better suggestion .

Now lets give you another example :

I am going to teach my 1 year aged nephew what is a tiger ..?.

1. Is big 2. Has 4 powerful claw based leg 3. Live in jungle 4. Very ferocious .

You know what he said ? It’s a lion !!!!

I again started to teach ?.

Ok all the previous features plus has black stripped on body , loud roaring .

Finally on next visit to zoo he said .. it’s a tiger but why he is in cage ?

He still has doubt !!!!!!

So guys , what do you understand.

I am here as model and my nephew is user and the doubt ? parameter is my model’s accuracy measure !

Well that’s it for today . I shall come back with unsupervised concept on my next article .

So stay tuned !!!

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