Music: A Religion

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Let’s dive into a small story.

In a land called Deoghar, a small kid sat in a room and listened quietly to a man who was dancing and singing. It was not a dance for entertainment, it was a dance of satisfaction. It was a dance that started due to involvement in the music, it was a dance of relief with a song dedicated to his Living Ideal. The small boy kept looking at the man, listened quietly to the instruments that accompanied and got engulfed in the bliss of the environment.

Now, for those who have rightly guessed about the song, yes indeed it was a kirtan and the most important of all, that little boy was me.

I was overwhelmed, and that was the day when I got to know about the real importance of music in our lives. Music hatches its effect in such a way that it affects one’s existence. It helps one to maintain peace and calmness of mind. A child loves lively music, because the rapidity of the notes gives the mind no chance to wander. A man who likes common music dislikes classical music, because it is more complicated and requires a greater degree of concentration to follow it as rightly stated by Swami Vivekananda. So music is about concentration.

Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra, my Ideal and inspiration, described ‘religion’ as something that contributes to one’s being and becoming, something that contributes to one’s existence. Such a wonderful view of Religion void of animosity! Isn’t it? So music is a kind of religion that contributes to one’s existence, one’s strength of mind and soul. Some say that music is their passion. What is passion? It is simply something that energizes a human being leading to his growth. It helps a person in becoming. So again Music is a religion.

Music is my religion and I follow it.

I have attached a link to my first work as a composer lyricist and singer in a lesser known Bengali short film song called Cappuccino. Yes, Cappuccino is a bengali song but mind you Despacito is a Spanish song and the whole world knows it because Music is a Religion.

Please do use earphones. Thank You!!

Here is the song on Saavn. Enjoy!!,pE3-Ykd,hg

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