Basics of Statistics – Random Variable

Viewer Rating Today’s topic is random variable. It is better to start with an example: Suppose I roll a die. What are the probable outcomes? Exactly 1 or exactly 2 or exactly 3 or exactly 4 or exactly 5 or exactly 6. No number in between. Let’s put another example: if I want to know … Read more

Machine Learning is Fun – Part 17 – Recommendation System Part 3

Viewer Rating Let’s start today’s discussion on product recommendation system. Key points as apart of Exploratory Data Analysis: Collect data from source in csv or excel format or in a database. Make sure the customer and product id are well maintained in the table (perform cleansing on null rows). Make the list of most frequent … Read more

Arowana – The Lucky Fish

Viewer Rating Today, I want to talk about a very interesting fish named Arowana, which is very popular all over the world as pet fish because of its beauty, variety and easy maintenance. In South East Asia, this fish is considered as lucky fengshui fish. Types: There are 4 super types of arowana in aquarium … Read more

Machine Learning is Fun – Part 16 – Recommendation System Part 2

Viewer Rating In my last post, I explained the concept and design of recommendation system for movie based products. Today, I want to explain the model for hotel based recommendation system. You must collect demographic data of customers who have booked the hotels and you can get it easily from any online hotel-booking website like … Read more

Machine Learning is Fun – Part 15 – Recommendation System

Viewer Rating Hello! I hope you enjoyed my last few articles on Machine learning. Today, I want to talk about a very interesting topic, that is recommendation system. There are a number of articles on this topic. But I do not want to re-explain any of these. My intention is to make you understand the … Read more

Machine Learning is Fun – Part 14 – Bias/Variance

Viewer Rating Let us try to explain today’s topic without delving into statistics. Consider that we are analysing height of men for a population of m number of dataset. Now, if we are Indian, we shall attempt to collect data from Indian men because it is the easiest way to collect. Am I correct? After … Read more

Machine Learning is Fun – Part 13 – Decision Tree

Viewer Rating Hi Friends, Today I would like to discuss on the most popular classification and regression algorithm (better to say a set of algorithms) named Decision Tree. What is Decision tree? By the name suggested in the model, it is a tree-based structural model to identify or classify or predict value of any outcome … Read more

Machine Learning is Fun – Part 12 – ARIMA

Viewer Rating What is ARIMA? Actually, it is a combination of two models – AR and MA. AR – Auto Regressive. MA – Moving Average. Lots of jargons? Let me make it clear. Auto Regressive means when there is some correlation between values in a time series and the values that precede and succeed them. … Read more