Basics of Statistics – Binomial Distribution

Viewer RatingToday, I would like to extend my previous topic on discrete probability distribution with the concept of Binomial Distribution. A binomial distribution is a specific probability distribution. It is used to model the probability of obtaining one of two outcomes, a certain number of times k out of fixed number of trials N of a discrete random … Read more

Basics of Statistics – Discrete Variable Distribution

Viewer RatingIn today’s topic I want to explain how we plot the distribution of a random discrete variable. Key terms: expected mean, probability, variance and standard deviation. Let’s explain it by an example. For rolling a Die, let us assume a random variable X (x=1,2,3,4,5,6). The probability is P(x) =1/6. That is exactly same for … Read more

Machine Learning is Fun – Part 14 – Bias/Variance

Viewer RatingLet us try to explain today’s topic without delving into statistics. Consider that we are analysing height of men for a population of m number of dataset. Now, if we are Indian, we shall attempt to collect data from Indian men because it is the easiest way to collect. Am I correct? After collecting … Read more

Machine Learning is Fun – Part 10 – K-Means Clustering

Viewer RatingHello! I hope you are well and exploring lots of topics in Machine Learning (ML). To continue with my series of ML posts, today, I feel that I need to share a common unsupervised algorithm for a classification problem in ML. My favorite is K means clustering. K-Means: Let’s explore the meaning of this … Read more

Machine Learning is Fun – Part 9 – Logistic Regression

Viewer RatingHi Friends, Let’s get back to technical things again. In my last topic, I have explained the concept of linear regression. Today, I am going to explain what is logistic regression. Let’s start with an example: suppose, you want to predict a diagnostic test for cancer. Now, you have some features of data like … Read more

Machine Learning is Fun – Part 8 – You cannot skip any topic

Viewer RatingHi Friends, Have you started the topics that I mentioned in my last post? Hurry up guys .. lots of thing need to be covered! So today, I shall share with you the story of my journey towards Machine learning: One fine morning I decided to start ML. I searched lots of articles about … Read more

Machine Learning is Fun – Part 7 – What is Regression?

Viewer RatingBefore starting today’s topic, I want to mention a very important point. Please make sure you have covered the concept of the points which I have mentioned in my last post on EDA process. If you are good with that, then let’s proceed. So, what is regression? It means trying to find out any … Read more

Machine Learning is Fun – Part 5 – Probability Distribution Concept

Viewer RatingHi Friends! I hope you liked my previous posts. Today, I am going to talk on an important topic; that is Probability Distribution. Well, it’s like you are trying to assume or predict something in a scientific way. Now the question is Probability on what? Variables obviously! First concentrate on 2 kind of variables … Read more

Machine Learning is Fun – Part 4 – Prerequisites

Viewer RatingHi Friends! I hope that you have liked my previous posts. Did you get some interest in it? Well, I would expect your answer is “yes!”. Let’s start first things first. Before jumping into the sea, please keep your equipment ready. By equipment, I mean to say that you have to understand the backbone … Read more