Machine Learning is Fun – Part 4 – Prerequisites

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Hi Friends! I hope that you have liked my previous posts. Did you get some interest in it? Well, I would expect your answer is “yes!”. Let’s start first things first.

Before jumping into the sea, please keep your equipment ready. By equipment, I mean to say that you have to understand the backbone of ML. And that is none other than the mighty “STATISTICS”.

Wait..wait do not curse me after knowing the backbone – ha ha. I can feel that you are imagining some mathematical formula graph in your mind.. Am I correct ? Oh come on! it’s not that bad.

Well… to drive a machine just like a human being, you have to provide the inner logic and meaning of data to a machine just like your brain always computes things for you. So, you need to mine the data and discover the hidden pattern and logic.. am I correct ?

And so please consider statistics as your friend. Trust me.. it will help you to crack the logic of data magically ..

I hope that I can manage to bring a little bit of interest ?. If I am right then let’s enter the room of statistics ..

Have you visualised any business defined graph in your career? Yes, right? Now, you need to read some content on histogram, bar graph, scatter-plot etc. I would suggest to just search and read some good article to know these things and that would be enough.

Next, let’s focus on variables…

1. Continuous variable.

2. Discrete variable.

3. Ordinal variable.

4. Categorical variable.

I am not going to detail on that . I suggest you to learn the above variables and make sure that you know when to apply which plot or graph for each variables ?.

I hope you enjoyed … Stay tuned !

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