Machine Learning is Fun – Part 8 – You cannot skip any topic

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Hi Friends,

Have you started the topics that I mentioned in my last post? Hurry up guys .. lots of thing need to be covered!

So today, I shall share with you the story of my journey towards Machine learning:

One fine morning I decided to start ML.

I searched lots of articles about the meaning of ML and future scope etc. Then, I started studying some basic algorithms such as – what is supervised algorithm, types, concepts, etc. At first, it was fun to read the concepts. After about a month, I decided to start coding. So the choice came down to what tool I should pick – Python or R?

I chose R to start my journey. I installed it on my computer and started the very basic algorithm – linear regression.

Suddenly, I stopped .. just stopped! Cannot proceed !!.. Oh my God!.. what the hell is written in the code?!.. Oh man! .. so do I need to learn R first?

Ok.. I kept aside all the algorithms and started to learn R.

After a month of studying, I felt confident and wrote the code again . ???? This time, I felt much more confident while trying to write the code. It was really cool.

Ok then; let’s execute the code.

Again – what is this? What are the things I am getting as output?

What is standard error? Confidence interval? P-value? T-value? etc.

So now, I must learn statistics! ?

Another 1 month with statistics … believe me .. It was not cool at first. But I was determined and stuck with that subject continuously for 4 – 5 months. I completed some Youtube video series; namely the Khan Academy series. Now, I knew statistics .. cool ya!

I started coding my very first algorithm. The code was fine and so was the output, to some extent. I moved on to my 2nd algorithm – logistic regression; then 3rd, decision tree, etc.

But wait .. why are there so many varieties of algorithm?

For classification problem, why do we have logistic regression and decision tree? What is the difference of output? Which model is the best?

I then started case studies and tried to find out the inner logic behind the output. I was lost; just totally lost.

I revised my statistics class again ? .. another 3 months ..!! Now, I began to understand the difference in output of those different algorithms. So what is new here?

I realized that “knowing statistics and understanding statistics are two different things”.

I hope you liked my post. Stay tuned for more!☺

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