The Alien Theory

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Since time immemorial, humanity has been perplexed about the possibility of extra terrestrial life and visitors from outer space. There have been numerous reports of sightings of spaceships and natural phenomenon which did not have any logical explanation and which could not be attributed to any other event or source.

Cave painting in Chhattisgarh, India.

Cave paintings and inscriptions on rocks found across the world indicate that we have had alien visitors since antiquity. Several religious scriptures also indicate the presence of other worldly beings. However, if aliens or extra terrestrial life forms have been visiting us for a long time, why have we, in recent history, not encountered them up close or had any meaningful interaction? One possibility could be that humanity is not yet ready, either culturally or technologically.

Petroglyphs in Barrier Canyon, Utah, USA.

A significant portion of modern human society still believes that the origin of Man was an act of God and that we are alone in this universe. But have we ever wondered that if God could create humans and establish life on Earth, could he not have done the same in other Worlds? Is it not unlikely that life never originated in any of the billions of galactic systems in the ever-expanding and infinite universe?

A particular school of thought suggests that life on Earth was seeded or implanted by technologically advanced visitors from outer space. They tweaked their own DNA and started the process for human evolution. This explains why many rock paintings and early scriptures depict alien visitors as having physical forms similar to that of modern humans.

Nourlangie, Kakadu National Park, Australia

Their purpose, according to proponents of this theory, was to use planet Earth as a laboratory or testing ground for studying various life-forms, primarily human, in an effort to create perfectly evolved intelligent beings. Just like scientists visit their laboratory experiments from time to time to record progress and observations, our alien creators also visited us and continue to do so to study and record the progress of human civilization. This theory lines up with frequent sightings of spaceships and records of alien visitors in cave paintings and inscriptions since antiquity.

It also explains reported abductions of human beings by extraterrestrial beings. Indications of extra-terrestrial contact and presence of technological inventions, which were much ahead of their time, have been reported in Egyptian hieroglyphs as well as in archaeological findings across the World. Depictions of modern-day helicopters, tanks, submarines and spaceships in carvings dating back several thousands of years have no logical explanation except for the fact that early civilizations had contact with extra terrestrial beings. Now, coming back to theory of human civilization being an experiment; if an experiment goes wrong, or if the results are not as per expectation, scientists usually terminate the project and sanitize the laboratory for a new experiment. This is probably what happened with the dinosaurs (the meteorite collision theory is not well-proven) and this is what probably might happen to humans as well, in future.

Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Another example of unexplainable natural phenomenon would the Nazca lines of Peru. They are a group of very large geoglyphs formed by depressions or shallow incisions made in the soil of the Nazca Desert in southern Peru. They were created between 500 BCE and 500 CE. Most lines run straight across the landscape, but there are also figurative designs of animals and plants, made up of lines. It is not just the sheer size of such patterns but also the geometric alignment and coordination, which surprises us, even to this day.

The Condor, Nazca Desert, Peru.

Some of the Nazca lines form shapes that are best seen from the air (~1,500 ft), though they are visible from the surrounding foothills and other high places as well and are usually made from one continuous line. Could it be that these lines or patterns were merely some form of ancient art or irrigation system? Or, could it be that these were some sort of marking for our aerial visitors, similar to landing strips for aircraft and spaceships? We do not have an answer.

Questions have also been raised on Darwin’s theory of evolution. It is said that modern humans evolved from apes. But apart from the ape-to-human evolution lineage, we do not see similar and drastic change in appearance and intelligence in other life-forms on planet Earth. For example, sharks have been around for more than 450 million years according to available archaeological evidence, while primates diverged from other mammals around 85 million years ago. The Hominina sub-tribe (humans and biped ancestors) separated later about 4-7.5 million years ago.

Evolution of Sharks

Apart from a reduction in size (probably due to scarcity of food resources) and some minor changes in appearance, sharks have not evolved much. On the other hand, the evolution from primates to humans has been dramatic and significant in terms of changes in appearance, behaviour and intelligence in a much shorter period of time. Does it not bring forth the obvious question – were humans destined for such rapid evolution or was it deliberately brought about by external influence and assistance?

The last couple of centuries have witnessed the emergence of break-through technologies and inventions in science and space research; technologies, which enable us, humans, to peer into the vast galactic wilderness beyond our Earth. Spaceships, solar-powered satellites and interstellar probes have already started visiting nearby planets, satellites and asteroids for research and for seeking possible signs of extra-terrestrial life. Humans have already landed on the Moon and a manned mission to Mars is on the cards. If humans could achieve so much in so little time, would it not be possible for extra-terrestrial civilizations, who may be light years ahead of us in evolution and technological advancement, to visit us and maybe, even guide us towards a higher form of evolution? A recent observation suggests so.

Artist’s impression of Oumuamua.

Oumuamua, (which means “scout” or “messenger” in Hawaiian), is an elongated space object, which was discovered speeding past the sun in 2017. It is the only celestial body known to have visited our solar system from another. Oumuamua is believed to be an exotic type of comet or asteroid, but it is such an oddity that some astronomers have speculated it could be an alien spacecraft. The interstellar object’s origin, path of motion, non-gravitational acceleration and strange reflecting properties have baffled scientists across the world. Several theories have been proposed which indicate that Oumuamua could be an alien light-sail or space probe.

Acceptance of the concept of extra terrestrial beings has become more common in the modern day due to the emergence of the internet and the viral nature of conspiracy theories and sightings. The recent spate of western movies dealing with concepts of inter-galactic journey, genetically evolved super-human beings and time-travel have helped promote the alien theory, but the pertinent question still remains: If aliens created humans, who created the aliens? It may now be time to acknowledge the fact that we are probably not alone in this universe. There is a higher intelligence, in whatever form that might be, observing us and probably guiding us, through to our destiny.

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