Mission Shakti: India’s ASAT test and its geopolitical implications


Viewer Rating [Total: 3   Average: 5/5]You must sign in to voteIndia announced on 27th March, 2019 that it had successfully terminated a low earth orbit (LEO) satellite in space using an indigenously developed anti-satellite missile system. The test, code-named Mission Shakti, was fully successful and achieved all parameters and met desired objectives. An ASAT test requires an … Read more

Multiverse and Multiple Dimensions

Viewer Rating [Total: 3   Average: 5/5]You must sign in to voteThe Human mind can perceive only four dimensions. The first three being physical dimensions such as length, breadth and height, and the fourth being the Time dimension. That is why we can see, hear, feel and touch only those entities which exist in the three dimensional world. … Read more

The Alien Theory

Viewer Rating [Total: 4   Average: 5/5]You must sign in to voteSince time immemorial, humanity has been perplexed about the possibility of extra terrestrial life and visitors from outer space. There have been numerous reports of sightings of spaceships and natural phenomenon which did not have any logical explanation and which could not be attributed to any other … Read more