Chhanar Payesh (Curd Cheese Dessert)

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  • Chhana (Curd Cheese): 1 Cup
  • Milk: 5 Cups
  • Cardamom (Elaichi): 3
  • Sugar: 2 Cups for syrup and 1/2 cup for payesh
  • Water: 2 Cups


  • Rub the chhana (curd cheese) gently with your hands so that no lumps remain.
  • Make small balls out of the chhana.
  • Dissolve 2 cups of sugar in 2 cups of water and boil the mixture until you get a sweet syrup.
  • Add the balls of chhana into the syrup and boil the contains for 5 mins.
  • At the same time, boil the milk in a separate saucepan.
  • Take the chhana balls out of the syrup and place them in the boiling milk.
  • When the volume of milk reduces by half, add sugar and cardamom (elaichi) to it.
  • Sugar should be added as per taste.
  • Let the payesh cool off before serving.

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