How to setup an Aquarium – Part 1

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When setting up an aquarium for the first time, it’s important to choose species that are relatively easy to keep so as to avoid any disappointment. There are many popular aquarium fish that would suit a beginner, namely the ones shown in the list below: Fancy Goldfish, Tropical Community Fish, Betta Fish.

Before you get your fish, you’ll need to have set up your tank well in advance so the water temperature and chemistry is just right for the fish when you first put them in. Below is a guide to setting up your tank using the right sort of materials:

Wash the aquarium gravel, any rocks and ornaments thoroughly before you place them in the aquarium. Never use any sort of soap or detergents when you do this because they are very toxic to fish. The best way to wash gravel is to use a colander and then run clean water over it, stirring the gravel continuously so that all the debris falls through it. Drain the gravel and keep repeating the process until the water runs clear and the gravel is nice and clean. Place gravel in the aquarium very carefully.

Next you need to connect up any air line tubing from the pump to the air outlets which could be air stones and other decorations. You might want to think about using a CheckValve which is placed on the outside of the tank and which acts as an effective stop preventing water from backing up. This is useful because if the power is cut for any reason, the water won’t empty out of the aquarium.

You can add all sorts of decorations to an aquarium, but when it comes to plants you need to make sure they are suitable for the fish and other aquatic creatures you’re going to keep. You also need to make sure the water temperature is warm enough for them to survive.

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